10 Things to Consider Before Designing Your Outdoor Kitchen

Posted on May 31, 2013 by - Patio Covers Houston | Patio Cover Construction - Houston TX

March 24th

Houston outdoor kitchens will add value to any home. Just like your indoor kitchen, you should look at your houston outdoor kitchen as an investment. However, before you design your outdoor kitchen, you should consider some outdoor kitchen ideas as well as some things before you actually choose or go for a design. As it were, the outdoor kitchen design must be implemented professionally. This could mean everything — from choosing the right style to choosing the right equipments. Here are 10 things that can help guide you in designing your outdoor kitchen.

1. Location of your outdoor area. This is an important thing to consider in the process. If you are thinking about setting up your outdoor kitchen in a covered patio, you will need a vent hood in order to eliminate smoke and prevent contamination from grilling. This is required by manufacturer specification as well as by your local building codes. If you wish to save money, you may consider having your outdoor kitchen on an open area or patio.

2. Budget. Think about how much money you are willing to spend for an outdoor kitchen. This will help you figure out what kinds of appliances you can add to your outdoor kitchen.

3. Appliances. Once you know what your budget is, you may consider what appliances you will want to have for your outdoor kitchen. Normally, outdoor kitchens have built in grills, refrigerators, ice bin coolers, grill covers, fire pits, outdoor television, patio furniture and many others.

4. Utilities. Other things that relate to your budget are the utilities. If you already have sewer, water, gas and electric pipes/lines where you wish your new kitchen to be located then there won’t be extra cost. But, if you need to run all these, you have to consider the operation costs depending on how long these utilities need to be ran.

5. Local building laws and regulations. You have to check local building rules if you would be allowed to have a drain in your yard, for instance, a cold water drain. It is important to check the building codes in your area to know what things are allowed and what are not. Of course, you want to have outdoor kitchen ideas that comply with local building codes.

6. Weather condition. When choosing supplies for your outdoor kitchen, you should consider if they can stand the weather in your area. Since it is outdoor, choose supplies that can stand cold temperatures, sunlight and water.

7. Materials. When choosing materials for your outdoor kitchen, make sure there are weatherproof. Some good examples are tile, slate, stucco, teak and stainless steel. The surrounding area of your grill should be made from materials that can resist high heat and sparks.

8. Style frames. Make sure to consider a style frame is made from inflammable materials. There are many frames that are readily available with steel beams, cinder block and wood frame.

9. Lighting. Your outdoor kitchen may also require lighting especially if you want to use it at night. Consider energy efficient lighting or maybe solar lighting to save electricity costs.

10. Contractor. Lastly, find an economical contractor who will complete your kitchen outdoor. You may opt for new contractor firms to save on fees. But if you have the budget, go for reputable contractors or companies. Expertise is still important if you want to add value to your home. So, choose Sahara Construction – the right contractor! Our professionals at Sahara will give you the best outdoor kitchen ideas.