What You Need To Know About FLASHING!

See the thin coat of gray gunite on walls and floor of pool? This is called “flashing”. Proper pool contractors will flash your pool if the pool is dug and RAIN is coming. This protects the pool from caving in, it also protects the customer and contractor from extra cost from pool caving in!!

Choosing the right sub-contractors

This is why Sahara chooses their contractors well. The guy in the blue shirt is the owner (working) of Royal Gunite!

City of Houston Inspectors

This green tag is from the city of Houston inspector. This is what you want to see at you house! If you see a red tag, make sure to ask your contractor why you received a red tag. If you see multiple red tags, then have a meeting with your contractor.

Photo: This green tag is from the city of Houston inspector. This is what you want to see at you house! If you see a red tag, make sure to ask your contractor why you received a red tag. If you see multiple red tags, then have a meeting with your contractor.

Never Go With The CHEAPEST Bid!

When choosing a company to build your dream, be careful and do your homework. This Katy resident got taken advantage of. The helpful hints are, never go with the cheapest bid, look up their reviews/BBB and NEVER give a deposit until work is started or material is delivered. Be careful out there!

Photo: When choosing a company to build your dream, be careful and do your homework. This Katy resident got taken advantage of.  The helpful hints are, never go with the cheapest bid, look up their reviews/BBB and NEVER  give a deposit until work is started or material is delivered.  Be careful out there!

Want a New Patio Cover?

Enjoy your money! Build a patio cover by a professional company – Sahara Construction – and put equity in you home!.

Attention future pool buyers!

Here are a couple of major thoughts when choosing a pool contractor.
Most pool companies do “not” tell you to the end of the job, that “your” responsible for your irrigation ( sprinklers) repairs, fence replacement and sod (grass) replacement. These items can add up to the thousands. Dot your I’s and cross your t’s.

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Before you sign the pool contract!

Ask your pool builder, who’s going to repair my fence that was taken down for the tractor? Who’s going to fix my grass after you leave, and who’s going to fix my sprinklers after you tear it up with your tractor?

MOST pool contractors leave the finals up to the customer to figure out. Keep this in mind, it cost an average of $2,000.00 to fix your yard back after pool construction.  Sahara construction and Custom pools and Living Water Irrigation (a Sahara company) handle this for our customers for FREE!

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Houston Pool Designs

As a consumer, how do you know what size swimming pool, spa or patio cover will fit your backyard and budget?

There are plenty of pool designs on the internet, but do the designs fit your backyard? Sahara construction and custom pools would be glad to help. Sahara’s professionals will visit your home and work with you on a beautiful outdoor living design to customize your dreams.

Sahara’s designers will incorporate your dreams and implement them in 3-D and virtual video.  This way the client can see the full picture of their paradise.



Patio Covers & Outdoor Kitchens

Houston Patio Covers

Patio covers are the number one most people like in an outdoor space. Many people in the Houston area are allergic to bug bites and find a screen room to be their very best friend. Nothing is more enjoyable than sitting out in the back yard enjoying the sounds of nature and not having to defend yourself against biting bugs and vicious mosquitoes. A well designed patio cover is a great asset for enjoying your backyard. It keeps the sun and rain off the patio so you can enjoy it year round. A patio with a cover over it reduces the summer heat by about eighteen degrees. As a matter of fact, it’s just like standing in the cool shade all summer long! Sahara Construction in Houston, Texas builds custom patio covers for every shape and size. Request a no cost consultation today – Free Patio Cover Design Consultation.

Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor kitchens are not as expensive as you think! If you enjoy outdoor grilling they are a must to have. Most of the components are made of stainless steel for long lasting durability. The main body of the grill is composed of a cinder block frame with concrete backer board. The grill and other grill components fit in to this shell to form the main body of the grill island. From that point granite countertops are typically installed for long lasting beauty and durability outdoors. To cover the concrete backer board, many finishes are available, but the two typical choices are cultured stone (fake stone), and an eifs coating, or commonly called stucco. Families get a lot of pleasure from and outdoor grilling area mostly for the ease of grilling, but they also provide a large area of countertop space to put food on, or mixing drinks for thirsty neighbors. Depending on the size and shape of the bar, another hot bar item is the raised bar area for a “barstool” height serving area.


How To Pick Outdoor Patio Furniture

There are varieties of furniture that can be kept outdoors.Proper care should be followed when your furniture is kept outdoors.A through clean-up and wash of the outdoor furniture is necessary at regular span. The same spring cleaning is necessary for outdoor items. You can safeguard your outdoor items by covering it with plastic covers during night time.

The maintenance expenditure should be taken in to mind before you buy furniture .Comparing the cost and buying low cost furniture will later give problems and this in turn will increase the maintenance cost. But instead if you go for better furniture then you can save the maintenance cost involved. Normally wood furniture attracts the attention of the guests and makes then praise your furniture set up. The outdoor furniture you buy need to be distinct and this should be kept in mind. Always remember to take note of the maintenance cost before buying the furniture.

If low budget furniture is used your in your patio your place may look where ordinary and low class, This set up may not enough to impress your visitors and startle them. It would be nice and look pleasing if your outdoor furniture has patio cushion on it. So it is better you buy such accessories and more for your outdoor patio.

If you are living in an area that experiences strong winds or storms, it is recommended that you buy strong and sturdy outdoor furniture. Outdoor furniture that is light in weight is best suited for places that have a very pleasant climate. Also, if you are thinking of partying in the outdoors, you will need outdoor furniture items that can be moved from one place to another.  Plastic outdoor furniture is also becoming a very popular choice amongst the masses these days.

The low cost of plastic furniture is the reason for its familiarity lately. It would be a new and a different set of furniture and preferably affordable for all people. Alternatively wicker furniture is also becoming a fashionable choice.

These are astonishingly hard-wearing and is most common in many gardens and patios. Online purchasing of wicker furniture can also be done which would enable your furniture to be delivered at your door step otherwise your purchase can be done at a wicker furniture store also. If you would like your furniture to have any specific necessities, then you could order to make one of your own.

Instead of just making modification in your outdoor it is always advisable to go for newly made one. You have to wait for a period of time to get the newly made one with all the inclusions in it. Some exceptional methods are followed in making this newly order one since it should withstand all types of weather and also look attractive. Almost all of these should be sturdy and strong and should be able to bear all types of weather.

Even if your outdoor wicker furniture is weather proof it is any time advisable to take your outdoor sofa set and put in indoors .special care should taken during winter months and during rainy season. During snow time it is anytime best to take your outdoor sofa set and wipe it clean and dry and keep it indoors for some time. After keeping it in doors you need to fully cover it with a proper cover.

you need to place the furniture that can withstand odd weather conditions outside and keep inside the furniture which is not weather resistant. If proper care is taken for the outdoor patio furniture it can remain intact and can be there for a real long time. So go and buy the best available patio furniture today.


Decorative Concrete Artistic, Available, Affordable

March 15th

Not so long ago, if you had a garage or driveway that was weathered, worn and/or stained, or if you had a fireplace that you wanted enhanced by a rock wall, or you had walk ways or outdoor areas you wanted to beautify, your choices were limited to bricks, blocks, rock, cement and a few other items.

More recently, however, decorative elements for a home,indoors or out, have become more readily available. Many of these decorative concrete ideas used to be reserved for the more expensive homes or exclusive estates. Today, the use of decorative concrete to duplicate these types of artistic decorations is cropping up everywhere.

For instance, 30 years ago, if you wanted a fireplace set into a wall of flagstone rock, the rock had to be brought in and set. If the wall was 12 feet high by 6 feet wide, it involved a lot of flagstone. Today, decorative concrete can be used in conjunction with hand carving to create a wall that looks the same, but at a better price, custom look and feel and a fast and long-lasting process.

You might have a patio area that has basic concrete on the ground, but you want something more warm and inviting. You could bring in various types of tile or other materials and have them set, or you could use decorative concrete in various colors and textures, and even stamps. This patio resurface could then be sealed so that it would last for a long time. Instead of purchasing tiles, especially expensive stamped tiles, decorative concrete could be used to create the same effects with much less work and time and a beautiful, custom finish.

If you are thinking about making changes to enhance any part of your home: indoors, outdoors, walls, floors, patios, decks or more, now is a great time to contact Sahara Construction.


10 Things to Consider Before Designing Your Outdoor Kitchen

March 24th

Houston outdoor kitchens will add value to any home. Just like your indoor kitchen, you should look at your houston outdoor kitchen as an investment. However, before you design your outdoor kitchen, you should consider some outdoor kitchen ideas as well as some things before you actually choose or go for a design. As it were, the outdoor kitchen design must be implemented professionally. This could mean everything — from choosing the right style to choosing the right equipments. Here are 10 things that can help guide you in designing your outdoor kitchen.

1. Location of your outdoor area. This is an important thing to consider in the process. If you are thinking about setting up your outdoor kitchen in a covered patio, you will need a vent hood in order to eliminate smoke and prevent contamination from grilling. This is required by manufacturer specification as well as by your local building codes. If you wish to save money, you may consider having your outdoor kitchen on an open area or patio.

2. Budget. Think about how much money you are willing to spend for an outdoor kitchen. This will help you figure out what kinds of appliances you can add to your outdoor kitchen.

3. Appliances. Once you know what your budget is, you may consider what appliances you will want to have for your outdoor kitchen. Normally, outdoor kitchens have built in grills, refrigerators, ice bin coolers, grill covers, fire pits, outdoor television, patio furniture and many others.

4. Utilities. Other things that relate to your budget are the utilities. If you already have sewer, water, gas and electric pipes/lines where you wish your new kitchen to be located then there won’t be extra cost. But, if you need to run all these, you have to consider the operation costs depending on how long these utilities need to be ran.

5. Local building laws and regulations. You have to check local building rules if you would be allowed to have a drain in your yard, for instance, a cold water drain. It is important to check the building codes in your area to know what things are allowed and what are not. Of course, you want to have outdoor kitchen ideas that comply with local building codes.

6. Weather condition. When choosing supplies for your outdoor kitchen, you should consider if they can stand the weather in your area. Since it is outdoor, choose supplies that can stand cold temperatures, sunlight and water.

7. Materials. When choosing materials for your outdoor kitchen, make sure there are weatherproof. Some good examples are tile, slate, stucco, teak and stainless steel. The surrounding area of your grill should be made from materials that can resist high heat and sparks.

8. Style frames. Make sure to consider a style frame is made from inflammable materials. There are many frames that are readily available with steel beams, cinder block and wood frame.

9. Lighting. Your outdoor kitchen may also require lighting especially if you want to use it at night. Consider energy efficient lighting or maybe solar lighting to save electricity costs.

10. Contractor. Lastly, find an economical contractor who will complete your kitchen outdoor. You may opt for new contractor firms to save on fees. But if you have the budget, go for reputable contractors or companies. Expertise is still important if you want to add value to your home. So, choose Sahara Construction – the right contractor! Our professionals at Sahara will give you the best outdoor kitchen ideas.


Outdoor Patio Houston: Comfort with Utility

April 19th

Nothing is better than an outdoor patio Houston where you get a refreshing feel of the outdoor air while you are still within the expansion of your home. Outdoor patio gives a great platform for your outdoor but indoor house activities where you can enjoy with the circles of your friends and your loved family. An attractive and classic outdoor patio Houston where you walk up to every morning for enjoying a cup of hot coffee while the sun starts to show up is a great rejuvenating feeling. You may be feeling tired and your family wants a day out with you, your outdoor patio Houston designed and made with the finest materials and structures can serve as a great spot where you can enjoy the same holiday with your family indoors.

An Outdoor patio Houston is being very commonly used these days for the purpose of outdoor cooking. This protects you from the humidity and the suffocation which you might tend to feel while cooking indoors. People even take the plunge to build their outdoor patio Houston themselves, but what this does is that they do not get the same finishing touch that professionals can give. Even if you can manage it easily, you will always need the help of an expert who can help you with the right materials to use and can guide you about the measures or precautions you need to take. An outdoor patio Houston project that you take up for yourself can easily scoop out of your budget if you dont plan everything properly. For patio covers for outdoor patio Houston, its recommended that you buy a ready cover because building one on your own can prove to be a really hectic affair and can also increase on your cost in the form of wastages and revisions. Hiring professionals for building your outdoor patio Houston prevents you from costs like the cost of construction tools and the cost of your time.

Whether you need an outdoor patio Houston which is an open one or the one which is closed will depend on how you want to use it. If it is only beauty and add-on which you want, you can go for a pergola of open spaces which act as a welcome path to your indoors. Enclosed patios and porches that are screened in are being preferred in outdoor patio Houston trends because it protects homeowners from elements like dust, wind, rain and insects. The mild winters in Houston allow people in Houston to go luxury with their enclosed outdoor patio Houston because this protects them from direct exposure to the cold weather. A fire place in the middle of an outdoor patio Houston adds a great utility and attractive feature to your patio. The fireplace can be made in round, rectangular or even in a triangular shape to make it look unique. An outdoor patio Houston with a fireplace in between gives you a great cozy setting in the cold nights where you sit besides the fire and enjoy a cup of coffee with your family. A covered outdoor patio Houston also protects you from the heat of the sun when its really on. You can also add many different electrical accessories with your covered or paved outdoor patio Houston and can even make it more decorative. The ideas for outdoor patio Houston are as many as you can think of, but the success rests on how you plan things and which builder you hire for the purpose.


Outdoor patios Houston: Attractive and Inexpensive

May 5th

The hot and humid climate of Houston naturally calls for an outdoor patio Houston which not only serves as a relaxing utility but also a great decorative add-on to your beautiful home. Simply going for an outdoor patio Houston which features a covered patio does not count if you are also looking out to add or extrapolate the value of your property. If you consider Houston, covered patios in the form of outdoor patio Houston are many: so you need to do something which sets your patio apart from the rest. Simply having the best outdoor patio Houston covers incorporated in your patios is not sufficient because they should also be useful and functional. Following are three ideas that can maximizes the looks and the features of your outdoor patios Houston covers which will attract potential home buyers if you go for a sale in future.

1. Utilize patio covers that extends the living space

If you desire to expand the living space in your home and you are short on a budget to build an appropriate room, than outdoor patio Houston covers can serve as a good alternative. You can extend the space of the living room into the patio via using slider glass doors. This adds a refreshing vide that flows from outside to inside your place in the humid climate that Houston features. Outdoor patios Houston which are covered allow you the leverage to use electrical wiring through which you can ploy fans, lights and electronics outdoors.

2. Outdoor patios Houston idea for kitchen

No one wants to cook under intense humidity indoors when they have the option to do the same outdoors. Outdoor patio Houston ideas also invite you to shift your cooking activities outdoor under a covered patio. The look of an open kitchen under a covered patio where you have a preparation station and decorative items to add glamour can be really refreshing. Such ideas for Outdoor patio Houston are now being implemented for covered patios where you can keep the kitchen appliances because they are well protected due to the cover. You can go for a wooden patio covering with well crafted patterns or you can go for a patio with a proper constructed ceiling like we see with an open garage.

3. Outdoor patio Houston for entertainment area

If entertainment is your pursuit and you are short on indoor spaces, then with covered patio ideas for Outdoor patio Houston, you can bring the party outdoors. Add an outdoor dining set along with barbecue and brunches for your near and dear friends and family. Outdoor parties can easily be organized with this idea of outdoor patio Houston and that too without any interruption from weather. Outdoor patio Houston ideas can really give you the comfort space for you outdoor coffee, lunch, party, entertainment and relaxation. You can find modelers and designers out there and on the internet who offer you attractive covering and decorative contracts at cheap rates and with a professional finish. Go through the monthly Houston magazines to get more ideas working for your Outdoor patio Houston.