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OutdoorKitchenSub1Outdoor KitchensAs part of every design, it’s important to decide how you want to use your outdoor living space. If you want to create a relaxing area to cook and entertain, you should consider having an outdoor kitchen incorporated into your cover’s design.

There are many different styles of outdoor kitchens that can be created whether it’s a standard granite counter top, raised bar a custom design we can make your outdoor kitchen not only meet but surpass your needs and expectations.

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To get an idea of the quality of work we do with our outdoor kitchens, check out our photo gallery and give us a call today and request a free estimate for your outdoor kitchen plans. We are more than happy to be of service and bring your dreams to life.

Sahara Construction Outdoor Kitchen Photo Gallery

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Crane Outdoor KitchenCraneClick to see all photos
Day Outdoor KitchenDayClick to see all photos
Morrison Outdoor KitchenMorrisonClick to see all photos
Bradley Outdoor KitchenBradlyFClick to see all photos
Harris Outdoor KitchenHarrisFClick to see all photos
Dybala Outdoor KitchenDybalaFClick to see all photos
Lovelund Pool and Kitchen LovelundFClick to see all photos
Harrell Outdoor KitchenHarrellFClick to see all photos
Kurtz Outdoor Kitchen KurtzFClick to see all photos
Templeton Pool, Patio & KitchenTempletonFClick to see all photos
Henry Outdoor KitchenHenryFClick to see all photos
McGlaughlin Patio and KitchenMcgFClick to see all photos
Bart Outdoor KitchenBartFClick to see all photos
Jessette Outdoor KitchenJessettFClick to see all photos
Dinkler Outdoor KitchenDinklerFClick to see all photos
Emran Outdoor KitchenEmranFClick to see all photos
Havell Outdoor KitchenHavellFClick to see all photos
Holle Outdoor KitchenHolleFClick to see all photos
Crawford Outdoor KitchenCrawfordFClick to see all photos
Lee Outdoor KitchenLeeFClick to see all photos
Smith Patio and KitchenSmith2FClick to see all photos