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Patio-Cover---1Patio Cover Design and InstallationAdding a patio cover to your home has a number of benefits from adding value to your home, protecting you from heat, sun, rain and bugs, it creates another room for you and your family to enjoy each other and make memories, it creates room to finally host that big game day party or the holiday dinner that you never had room for and many more. There are different styles of patio covers to choose from like pergolas, screen rooms, or simply to match the roof and brick of your home. Whatever your taste, the professionals at Sahara Construction and Custom Pools can help you build your dream Outdoor Living Space.

Sahara Constructions has a variety of patio cover products and a reputable relationship with many of the top manufacturers. The products we use are dependable and durable even through the test of Mother Nature.


Pergolas (aka shade arbor) are very popular alternatives that come in many different styles to fit your preference, needs and taste. This outdoor structure forms a shaded passageway or sitting area with vertical posts or pillars and gives the choice of different decorative finishes.

As a type of open topped gazebos, it could also be an extension of a building bound to the home, or serve as protection for an open terrace or a link between common living areas.

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Patio Cover Houston - Covered Patio Walk Through
Stamped Concrete Walk Through

Sahara Construction Patio Cover Photo Gallery

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