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Sahara Construction would like to create personalized beauty at your home. Our diverse knowledge of plant material and design will enable us to set any mood catered to your taste.

Our landscape and design installation will be custom tailored with your best interests on the forefront of the project.

Why have your landscape done by a professional?LandscapingSub2

Sahara Construction offers a computer aided design (CAD) package for your property. This feature enables you to view your project on paper from an architectural view.

Our trained landscape professionals will not only select items that will make your project come together with symmetry and consistency, but more importantly, they will be able to predict what the material will look like in the future. Our sales professionals will be able to help pick plans that complement each other, tell you which need more or less sunlight, what trimming will be needed, how much water to give, and other factors that will help you to grow your new landscaping to it’s full beauty.

LandscapingSub1What are my options?

The spirit of your landscape derives itself from a style or concept we start with in the design stage.. Whatever vibe you are trying to set, we can help build it for you.

You have other cosmetic options like waterfalls, ponds, pools, walkways, unique collected material and even exterior lighting. Schedule your free quote today to start building the landscaping of your dreams.